Monday, August 17, 2009

First Post, an SOA discussion!

Hi All!

Very excited that I’m writing my very first post in the blog.
And since this is an Architecting blog, I thought I could point it to a very interesting discussion held at The Server Side.

The article presented here is about the complexity generated when using SOA, compared to the same complexity history of CORBA times. Although the idea is nice, most of the participants show a problem of understanding what SOA really is.

System Integrator Technology? CORBA with a new acronym? A new distributed approach to organize business logic? Simple EJB, SOAP and other technologies follow up, with nothing new? No several times.

As I mentioned in my responses there, SOA is based on the service Metaphor, which is placed in the problem domain, problem space, where business organization rules and not technology trends. SOA now is a patched, almost like a stovepipe architecture, solution for integration, and like that it sells.

Later I will write a little bit more about the Service metaphor. That is not for RPC developers, I’m sure.

William Martinez Pomares

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